Adrunken ride a tragic aftermath essay

In popular culture, Topsy is portrayed as the elephant that was electrocuted in a public demonstration organized by Thomas Edison during the War of Currents to show the dangers of alternating current . Examples of this view include a 2008 Wired magazine article titled "Edison Fries an Elephant to Prove His Point" [26] and a 2013 episode of the animated comedy series Bob's Burgers titled " Topsy ". The inventor had been involved with the electrocution of animals 15 years earlier during the War of Currents, trying to demonstrate the dangers of alternating current, but the events surrounding Topsy took place 10 years after the end of the "War". [27] [28] At the time of Topsy's death, Edison was no longer involved in the electric lighting business. He had been forced out of control of his company with its 1892 merger into General Electric and sold all his stock in GE during the 1890s to finance an iron ore refining venture. [29] The Brooklyn company that still bore his name mentioned in newspaper reports was a privately owned power company no longer associated with his earlier Edison Illuminating Company . [5] [30] Edison himself was not present at Luna Park, and it is unclear as to the input he had in Topsy's death or even its filming since the Edison Manufacturing film company made 1200 short films during that period with little guidance from Edison as to what they filmed. [30] Journalist Michael Daly, in his 2013 book on Topsy, surmises how Edison would have been pleased that a proper method of positioning of the copper plates was used and that the elephant was killed by the large Westinghouse AC generators at Bay Ridge, but he shows no actual contact or communication between the owners of Luna Park and Edison over Topsy. [5]

Once upon a time (in the mid-2000s), Mortimer was the Queen Bee of New York City society. She was wed to her high school sweetheart, Topper Mortimer, whose great-grandfather was a director of Standard Oil. She graced the pages of Vogue (where she had previously worked as a beauty assistant), made a cameo on “Gossip Girl,” commandeered Fashion Week front rows, and managed to parlay her broad smile and bouncy curls into serious business deals. Among them: a purse line with Japanese company Samantha Thavasa and a highly coveted gig as Dior’s beauty ambassador.

Adrunken ride a tragic aftermath essay

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