Adaptive reuse architecture thesis

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Thanks Bloomie, and Trump, NYC has already lost much of its soul, and the infection is spreading to the boroughs. Not only do we live in a country and a city that doesn’t manufacture anything, we are also happy to demolish the architectural history of that period, buildings that look a whole lot better than the steel and glass condos popping up all over town. New York used to look different, now it’s starting to look any AnyWhereMetropolis USA. And all the Sex and the City followers, bedheads, hipsters and Wall Street yunnies follow.

The National Center for Education Statistics states that the definition of a degree program in interior architecture is: "A program that prepares individuals to apply architectural principles in the design of structural interiors for living, recreational, and business purposes and to function as professional interior architects. Study includes instruction in architecture, occupational and safety standards, structural systems design, heating and cooling systems design, interior design, specific end-use applications, and professional responsibilities and standards." [9]

Adaptive reuse architecture thesis

adaptive reuse architecture thesis


adaptive reuse architecture thesisadaptive reuse architecture thesisadaptive reuse architecture thesisadaptive reuse architecture thesis