Children essays on environment

Project Tiger is a campaign run by the government of India in order to maintain the population of tiger in country. It was established in 1973 in order to save tigers from the extreme threat of extinction. This project was made to focus on the preservation of remaining tigers all over the country as well as increase their number through the breeding of species. Around 23 tiger reserves have been made throughout the country for providing the safety and natural environment to them. It was seen a marked improvement in the tiger population by 1993 in the country. However despite the increase in population, the population of tigers in the country is still not satisfactory compared to the effort and money put in the project.

Overall surrounding and culture can have a vital impact on the parenting style. Research has shown that most of the Chinese parents adopt authoritarian parenting style ( Zimmerman & Schunk, 2011). Chines parents are strict about rules and regulations; unnecessary freedom is not granted to Chinese children and parents are usually strict about the code of conduct and ethics. One of the major reasons behind this parenting style being prevalent in Chinese parents is basically the one child policy imposed by the government. It restricts all Chinese families to have only one child. As a result of this policy, all the attention of the Chinese parents is focused on their only child, hence they want to see perfection in their upbringing and they tend to adopt this parenting style. It leaves no room for failure on the part of parents. Secondly, the culture of China promotes hard work, so parents in China intend to raise bright and intelligent children who can excel in life thus they adopt authoritarian parenting style. Thus the parenting style of China is similar to the authoritarian style of Diana Baumrind's theory of parenting. It has the similar outcomes among Chinese children as discussed above in Baumrind's theory. Chinese children adopt almost all the measures of Baumrind's authoritarian theory.

Children essays on environment

children essays on environment


children essays on environmentchildren essays on environmentchildren essays on environmentchildren essays on environment