Computer crashed while writing a term paper

This is actually for my friend who has xp operating system and in recent time has been getting a black screen, he has checked all the connections, they are fine, has also blown the computer out so that it is clean, now he gets black screen sometimes as early as 7 – 10 minutes after start up, it lasts approx 1/2 hour and then can see the desk top again, these episodes are becoming more frequent, could it be the power supply on the way out? The video card….or time to buy an new computer….he was thinking of reformatting the hard drive but not sure that this would help if the problem does lie in the power supply or video card…if we are in an im and the mouse is in the right place he can still send me messages, however with the black screen he cannot read the response..any help would be appreciated.

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A little over an hour after the first reports, Mantell's group was asked to investigate the anomalous object. One of his three companions in flight received permission to continue his pre-assigned flight plan, while Mantell and the remaining two planes headed to the coordinates of the visual sightings. Mantell led the way in the climb to 15,000 feet, and upon reaching the position, he radioed the following statement back to the control tower."The object is directly ahead of and above me now, moving at about half my speed... It appears to be a metallic object or possibly reflection of Sun from a metallic object, and it is of tremendous size... I'm still climbing... I'm trying to close in for a better look." 18,000, 20,000, 22,000 feet! too high for the WWII fighters without oxygen! The other two planes turned back, leaving Mantell alone to pursue the giant object. By all accounts, Mantell must have passed out from lack of oxygen at about 30,000 feet, at least his plane leveled off at that height. His plane now began to plunge back toward earth. He crashed on the farm of William J. Phillips near Franklin, Kentucky.

Computer crashed while writing a term paper

computer crashed while writing a term paper


computer crashed while writing a term papercomputer crashed while writing a term papercomputer crashed while writing a term papercomputer crashed while writing a term paper