Computer master thesis for ai

COMPSCI 297P. Capstone Design Project for Computer Science. 4 Units
Design and development of app, a software system or a hardware component of system based on your prior knowledge of advanced computer science principles. Implement at least a working prototype and test this using relevant use cases and or input data. Pre-Requisite: 24 units completed in MCS program.
Co-requisite: COMPSCI 296P. Capstone Professional Writing and Communication for Computer Science Careers.
Admissions Requirements Applicants must provide the following:

The Master of Computational Data Science (MCDS) degree concentrates on the application of the scientific method to very large data systems. The degree focuses on scientific experimental design, data collection, data modeling and analysis, problem solving, and human-computer interaction. These problem areas are addressed through a core Computer Science curriculum consisting of software engineering, machine learning, statistics, and large scale distributed systems, storage systems, etc. The degree trains technologists to create new large scale data science systems.

Students interested in applying to the Fifth Year Master’s Program should do so by the middle of the fall semester of their senior year. Students are admitted based on strong evidence of research potential through close interaction with one or more faculty members — whether in projects, summer jobs or advanced classes. In addition to faculty support, we will also consider input from external people familiar with your background and research experience (., a supervisor for a summer internship). Contact information for recommendation letters is in our admissions information .

Computer master thesis for ai

computer master thesis for ai


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