Doctorate research proposal

You must either upload the required references to your online application or ask your referees to send the references to the University as we do not contact referees directly. There is two main ways that you can provide references: you can either upload references on headed paper when you are making an application using the Online Application (or through Applicant Self-Service after you have submitted your application) or you can ask your referee to email the reference directly to [email protected] . See the 'Your References, Transcripts and English Qualifications' section of the Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

"A PhD in Sport and Exercise Science is not available in my home country of Chile so I needed to look elsewhere. I choose ECU mainly because my supervisor, Professor Ken Nosaka, is very well known in the area of sport sciences. Professor Nosaka has been very supportive and helpful in my research journey at ECU. He is more than a supervisor; he is more like a mentor and I learn something new every meeting, both as a researcher and as a person. Probably my greatest challenge at the beginning was the language, especially in scientific writing. I attended writing and other workshops and I’ve since had the opportunity to do oral presentations at three big conferences in Europe and Australia. Since graduating, I have returned to Chile to teach and undertake research at University Finis Terrae."

Doctorate research proposal

doctorate research proposal


doctorate research proposaldoctorate research proposaldoctorate research proposaldoctorate research proposal