Essay curriculum development

A course/program may have a ‘hidden curriculum’. These are key skills; although these do not have to be passed in order to pass / complete the course. In my practice, skills like how to solve common computer problem, how to effectively communicate, how to co-operate and interact with other learners in a pair and in a group etc. With reference to my action research project I promote "Peer support/tutoring" , which has given my learner an opportunity to act as a tutor. Results have shown that this approach to learning has shown very positive results. It has helped them to increase their self-esteem. I view, "peer tutoring" as a hidden curriculum which enables learners to experience tutoring.

“Keeping school curriculum updated and relevant by bringing required changes is not an easy task. This is particularly true when the issue is balancing the school curriculum between traditional subjects (like Art, Sport and music) and modern subjects (such as Information Technologies).
On the one hand, the replacement of arts, music and sport with new emergent disciplines is believed to be a positive change for all levels of education. The major argument in favour is that the introduction of Information technology could provide young students with important skills for their potential future career. In addition, these IT abilities, usually, are more appreciated then traditional knowledge by the employers. In other words, by studying more IT, the pupils become more able to face their future career and to fulfil the requirements of the working market. This opinion is essentially based on the idea that the main purpose of education is preparing children for their working life.
On the other hand, it could reasonably be argued that the role of schools is much more extensive and include not only the professional future of young generations, but also their way of being, thinking and behaving, in every day life and in a variety of situations. In according to this view, there are strong arguments for retaining traditional subjects in the school curriculum, considering the fact that arts, history, music and sport contribute to the all round culture of the pupils. Furtermore, how demonstrated by copious pedagogical and psychological researches, studying traditional subjects is significant for the cognitive development and many aspects of young people’s personality.
In my opinion, even though the relevance of the computer literacy in the modern society, we are not able to leave traditional subjects out of consideration, due to the important role of education, primarily consisting in shaping the minds of the tomorrow’s adults and nurturing their intellect.”

Essay curriculum development

essay curriculum development


essay curriculum developmentessay curriculum developmentessay curriculum developmentessay curriculum development