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A continuing controversy surrounding the political message of the novel and its view of human nature has led some readers to challenge its status as a book suitable for children. The American Library Association thus positioned Lord of the Flies at number 70 on its list of the 100 most challenged books of 1990-2000. Among literary critics of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries, however, Lord of the Flies has been revisited less as an allegory of human evil than as a literary expression of Cold War ideology. This historicizing does not do justice to the novel. But in terms of reception history, contemporary critics are right to note that the novel's position at the center of many English curricula across America and Great Britain during the Cold War illustrates how the pedagogy of literature has been used to bolster national identity and ideology.

If the Flies remake is to be celebrated as empowering for women, the directors can take the second tack, which is to have the characters succeed. By overcoming the problems of the male-dominated story, they will demonstrate the superiority of women. They will shatter sexist gender roles and chauvinistic predictions that they will fail. But the directors can’t go this route either, because Golding already took it by implication.  In portraying women as the heroes where men have failed, the directors will be doing something wholly unoriginal, and wholly un-rebellious. And the progressive viewers don’t want to see that.

Essay survival lord flies

essay survival lord flies


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