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By 1954, the average time a patient spent at Firland had been cut in half. Mortality rates at Firland plummeted from 31 percent in 1948 to 6 percent in 1954. In 1957, a team of national officials evaluated Firland and proclaimed it one of the most outstanding sanatoria in the country. A 1948 affiliation with the University of Washington Medical School funneled a steady supply of medical students, nursing students, and resident physicians through Firland. This in turn attracted excellent medical personnel from around the country to Firland’s staff.

Though the Siddhas and Siddha medical system have been conceived and considered as one, their exact relation is doubted by some scholars 10 . Some scholars accuse Aryans for meddling with Siddha medicine and circulating it as Ayurvedic system 11 . The confusion has been evidently due to the fact that there has been deviation in the methodology of Siddha medical system from Tirumular to latter-day Siddhar of 17th to 20th century period after the pursuit of alchemy. The traditional Siddhas only advocated the longevity of life through breadth control and yoga, but, the Siddhas of latter period, evidently from 17th century started attempting with kaya kalpam / elixir, and so on. The transition from the usage of herbs to different minerals / Chemicals can also be noted in their medicinal preparations. Thus, the Siddha medicinal system can be distinctly grouped / differentiated as follows:

Essays 250 words maximum

essays 250 words maximum


essays 250 words maximumessays 250 words maximumessays 250 words maximumessays 250 words maximum