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The main reason of writing this article is to bring in light the mentality of the people in India. The death of Dr Abdul Kalam was really heart breaking, but the announcement of the holiday to pay tribute and respect to the great man is quite irrelevant. Meaning and Nature of Management S Chirag Read this article to learn about the Meaning, Nature and Characteristic of Management! Factors that Determines the Cost of Capital Gauri Dushi Cost of capital is an important concept in financial management. Various financing and investing deci­sions depend upon the cost of capital of a firm. There are several factors that make cost of capital of a firm high or low. Warehousing: Functions, Kinds and Features of an Ideal Warehouse K Arjun 'A warehousing is an establishment for the storage and accumulation of goods'. Storage of goods takes place through the network of warehouses specially constructed for the purpose. 4 Services Covered by E-Banking K Arjun The four services covered by E-Banking are as follows: (i) EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer System) (ii) ATM's (Automated Teller Machines) (iii) Credit Card (iv) Debit Card. Guidelines

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Essays discuss

essays discuss


essays discussessays discussessays discussessays discuss