Harvard gsas dissertation completion fellowships

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The Dissertation Defense is, in many ways , a doctoral student’s crowning academic achievement–– the presentation and defense of one’s own ideas and scholarship in a public forum . The Dissertation Defe n se promotes intellectual discourse and emphasizes the importance of disseminating educational research, with the goal o f having an impact on practice an d/or policy . The Dissertation Defense is 75 to 90 minutes –– beginning with a 20 to 3 0 ‐ minute presentation by the student, followed by a 45 ‐ minute question and answer session led by the dissertation committee . At th e conclusion o f the se public aspects o f the Dissertation Defense, the student’s Dissertation Committee will deliberate and vote in private before having the student ret u rn and learn the rating , along with suggestions for steps to finalize the dissertation. The dissertation committee must submit original signatures on the PhD in Education Dissertation cover sheet and the Dissertation and Defense rating sheet. In the event a committee member is participating remotely, please consult with the Doctoral Programs Office on how best to obtain all original signatures.

Harvard gsas dissertation completion fellowships

harvard gsas dissertation completion fellowships


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