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There are currently five models that are part of the EcoTank line: two consumer-level printers (the $380 Expression ET-2500 and $400 Expression ET-2550 ), two business-level all-in-ones (the $430 WorkForce ET-4500 and $500 WorkForce ET-4550 ), and the $1,200 heavy-duty WorkForce Pro WF-R4640 . On the whole, these printers tend to cost more than their traditional equivalents -- for example, an inkjet all-in-one such as the HP Officejet Pro 8620 retails for about $150 rather than the $430 or $500 that you'll pay for one of the EcoTank printers.

While the majority of inkjet printers can be found mainly in a home or a home office, inkjet technology is showing up in more and more business-oriented models meant for heavier-duty printing, including high-end ones that can rival laser printers in speed. They tend to do this by using print heads that run the full width of a page. Although their maximum monthly duty cycles still fall short of heavy-duty lasers, higher-end inkjets are still capable of handling the printing needs (and, in the case of MFPs, copying, scanning, and faxing as well) of many workgroups and small offices.

Inkjet paper writer

inkjet paper writer


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