Internet dangers and safety rules essay

One problem that many parents face is checking up on their children online.  It is no secret that most children know their way around a computer nowadays.  You cannot check the internet history of your computer, which tells you which websites have been visited, if your child clears it on a daily basis.  That is why you should establish rules on this and other similar practices.   The above mentioned rules should help to prevent your child from running into problems online, but you honestly never know.  Make sure that your child knows to come to you immediately if they receive threatening, harassing, or sexual messages online.  Make sure they also know to show you the message or to save it for your viewing, as opposed to just deleting it from the screen.  Protection may be available for you by way of your local police department.

Dear Parents
If you want to ¨fix¨ the problem, here´s a few suggestions:
1. It is impossible to Google porn if you have an accurate Google account and you are under age, which also blocks ¨unsavory” content on other websites including YouTube.
2. Teach your kid a conscience come on now. If you educate them properly on drug abuse and other topics of the sort they´re less likely to do things like that.
3. But it´s also important that you don´t over-police them on it. If you constantly make huge speeches on all those things, they´ll disobey and do them anyway. Instead, try teaching them casually or suggest that they get some friends together to go to a drug ed class (and whatever the parallel is for the rest of the stuff).
4. Stranger danger. Duh. Be interested in their internet friends, ask about them, treat them as if they go to school with your child. Then, if the child wishes to meet them, go with them. Bam, problem solved.
5. Help them understand what you´re thinking. If you simply sit down with them and talk it out calmly, you´re more likely to get through to them and have them agree with you. Even if they´re five, it´s a good tactic.
6. Don´t be too judgmental or harsh if they do something you don´t like. They probably have a very good reason for it (whether they´ll tell you or not) or maybe you didn´t make that expectation clear to them. Just take a second in their shoes before you get too angry.

Internet dangers and safety rules essay

internet dangers and safety rules essay


internet dangers and safety rules essayinternet dangers and safety rules essayinternet dangers and safety rules essayinternet dangers and safety rules essay