Julius caesar act 1 essay topics

The action of the play is mostly focused on Brutus, a man who dominates the plot and speaks the most lines. Thus, some might wonder why the play is titled after Julius Caesar. Traditionally, Shakespeare named his plays after rulers ( Henry VIII , Richard III , etc.). However, upon a close read, Julius Caesar does truly revolve around Caesar. Brutus' internal conflict is a struggle between his friendship for Caesar and his loyalty to the Roman Republic. Indeed, Caesar's influence on the plot continues even after his death, specifically when his ghost appears to Brutus, indicating the memory and myth of Caesar will never die.

Flavius and Murellus’s concern about Caesar’s meteoric rise to power reflects English sentiment during the Elizabethan age about the consolidation of power in other parts of Europe. The strengthening of the absolutist monarchies in such sovereignties as France and Spain during the sixteenth century threatened the stability of the somewhat more balanced English political system, which, though it was hardly democratic in the modern sense of the word, at least provided nobles and elected representatives with some means of checking royal authority. Caesar’s ascendance helped to effect Rome’s transition from republic to empire, and Shakespeare’s depiction of the prospect of Caesar’s assumption of dictatorial power can be seen as a comment upon the gradual shift toward centralization of power that was taking place in Europe.

Julius caesar act 1 essay topics

julius caesar act 1 essay topics


julius caesar act 1 essay topicsjulius caesar act 1 essay topicsjulius caesar act 1 essay topicsjulius caesar act 1 essay topics