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Of particular significance in Reiss’s projection of postwar Nazi continuity is the Thyssen family of German industrialists. Headed by Fritz Thyssen (Hitler’s first prominent financial backer in Germany), the Thyssen firm was a lynchpin of German and Nazi heavy industrial production and was deeply connected to powerful corporate interests abroad. Paramount among the foreign corporate allies of the Thyssens were the Harriman interests, including George Herbert Walker and Prescott Bush Sr., the great grandfather and grandfather (respectively) of the current seated president. FTR#’s 273 , 361 , 370 , 435 highlight the genesis of the Thyssen/Harriman/Bush axis, as well as its successful postwar continuation as part of the Underground Reich.

This organization saw itself as "the common effort of all persons who saw themselves as teachers or wanted to be seen as educators, independently from background or education and from the type of educational institution". Its goal was to make the National Socialist worldview and foundation of all education and especially of schooling. In order to achieve this it sought to have an effect on the political viewpoint of educators, insisting on the further development of their spirit along Nationalsocialist lines. Organized mountain excursions in places called Reichsaustauschlager (Exchange Camps of the Reich) were perceived as helping in this purpose.

By spring of 1934, only the army remained independent of government control; traditionally, it was separate from the national government, a discrete entity. Ernst Röhm, leader of the Nazi paramilitary Sturmabteilung (SA, "Storm Detachment"), which had several million members, intended to assume command of the army ( Reichswehr ) and absorb it into its ranks. To complement the "nationalist revolution", Röhm favored a "second revolution", which would tear down industrialists, big business, the Junker aristocracy, and Prussian control of the military. Matters came to a head in June 1934 when President Hindenburg informed Hitler that if he didn't move to curb the SA he would soon dissolve the Government and declare martial law.

Nazi teachers

nazi teachers


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