Obesity thesis sentence

In 2006 , another rare insightful research article on this topic focused on what motivates cat owners to feed their cats vegetarian diets. The conclusion reached was, "Vegetarian diets are fed to cats primarily for ethical considerations." In other words, cat owners do not feed their cats meat because those owners (or more likely, their veterinarians) have an emotional aversion to either killing livestock or to eating meat themselves. Perhaps this sort of personal psychological analysis would explain the absurdly irrational advice of veterinary nutritionists that corn, grains, and by-product kibble diets are better for our carnivorous dogs than real meat. *

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Overweight people routinely take the position that not-fat people reject the fat people because of aesthetics. But this is much less an aesthetic issue than a staggering financial one. When the costs of weight-related health care run into the billions every year, it becomes a problem that must be addressed. There may be a genetic element in weight gain, but as was mentioned in other comments, we, as a species, have not mutated in the last 20 years, which fact leads to the conclusion that this is more a behavioral than genetic scenario. It makes no fiscal sense to allow the “bad gene” hypothesis to derail pragmatic discussion, even if some feelings are hurt in the process.

Obesity thesis sentence

obesity thesis sentence


obesity thesis sentenceobesity thesis sentenceobesity thesis sentenceobesity thesis sentence