Oscilloscope lab report

Since PrintCapture emulates a printer and a plotter, it can replace the serial, parallel, or GPIB printer or plotter that you would normally use for hardcopy output. Just connect the hardcopy output from your logic analyzer, oscilloscope, or spectrum analyzer to either a serial port or GPIB interface on your Windows-based computer and 'print' to PrintCapture . PrintCapture processes the Hewlett-Packard Printer Control Language (PCL) , Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language (HPGL/2) , or Epson ESC/P Control Code commands from your instrument to create the image file. Once the data is displayed in PrintCapture it can be printed or inserted into other Windows-based applications for hardware documentation and report generation.

This is great product, mostly because of its small size and price. I use it to see signals on industrial machines. The 1MGh is OK for that purpose. It can be used to 200-300 kHz digital signals too. Screen layout and commands are nice. The software could be better (there is delay in displaying on some modes, which theoreticaly can be removed, …), but it satifies basic needs. The bast product I buy for its price. Very very useful product. For professional use: when you are traveling and/or you do not have a space on system you test, which is usually the case.

Oscilloscope lab report

oscilloscope lab report


oscilloscope lab reportoscilloscope lab reportoscilloscope lab reportoscilloscope lab report