Our deepest fear analysis essay

Belch & Belch (2008) assert that the sender uses their field of reference to convert data into information that can be understood by the receiver. Data are streams of raw facts that have not yet been put into context; whereas, information is the form that data takes once it has been organised into a structure that is meaningful to the user (Laudon & Laudon, 2013). To make the information meaningful to the consumer, the marketer encodes the message with appealing words, numbers, shapes, colours, sounds and perhaps even smells and tastes (Belch & Belch, 2008). The information is reformatted to catch the consumer’s attention while still suiting whichever media vehicle in which it is being sent. For example, Belch & Belch (2008) argue that if the channel is a newspaper advertisement, the marketer will use words, numbers, shapes, images and sometimes colour to encode the message. From here the sender releases the encoded message into the channel and awaits a response from the consumer. Upon receipt, the second communication function is started. This is where the receiver begins decoding the message using their own field of reference (Dahlen et al., 2010).

Margo’s efforts to support to Eve, then to get support from her friends causes problems: At first Margo’s maternal instincts drive her to take Eve into her home, thus giving Eve opportunities to upset Margo’s life. Later, when Margo suspects that Eve is just using her, she asks for Karen, Lloyd, and Bill to back her up. But they believe Margo is over-reacting:
[. .] So when you start judging an idealistic
dreamy-eyed kid by the barroom, Benzedrine
standards of this megalomaniac society—I won’t
have it! [. .] And to intimate anything else doesn’t
spell jealousy to me—it spells a paranoiac insecurity
that you should be ashamed of!

Cut! Print it! What happens in the next reel?
Do I get dragged off screaming to the snake pit?

Our deepest fear analysis essay

our deepest fear analysis essay


our deepest fear analysis essayour deepest fear analysis essayour deepest fear analysis essayour deepest fear analysis essay