Phd by course work

«Every leading business school or university recruits its professors on the basis of their promise to carry out groundbreaking research and to publish in the leading research journals. The HEC Paris . Program prepares students for this challenge. It offers the training needed to enter the demanding world of academia. Built on a strategy of excellence, it aims to attract students with the highest level of academic ambition. The hallmarks of our program are intensive coursework, close supervision and full immersion in the school’s research activities.»

The purpose of the program is to implement a set interdisciplinary teaching and learning experiences that will lead to the development of competent and motivated leaders in the global human enterprise. The program provides educational content in two areas: 1) Core courses in social policy, human service management/administration, organizational development, and research methods and statistics, and 2) courses in a cognate area that students select from the graduate schools within the University include the School of Business Administration, Education, Arts and Sciences.

Phd by course work

phd by course work


phd by course workphd by course workphd by course workphd by course work