Phd thesis on wind energy

The program uses a broad-based educational platform - which includes courses across all of EPFL's programs in Lausanne - to train the new generation of professionals who will tackle critical issues in energy management and sustainability. A new project-focused curriculum has been created, built on scientific rigor and professional practice, to provide a unique, interdisciplinary training within this domain. The new generation of problem solvers will be able to understand complex systems such as: smart grids for electricity distribution; water dissemination systems; environmental services and electronic networks that control energy consumption. And ultimately, to be able to both maximize their efficient use and minimize their negative impact on society.

In 2006, the government reported that Pakistani economic growth reached percent and will most likely grow for the foreseeable future. It is quite normal for power outages to happen on a daily basis in the country, but this cannot continue if the Pakistani economy is to grow. In March 2007, President Musharraf stated that renewable energy should be part of the push to increase energy supplies by 10 to 12 percent every year. The government has also set a target of 10 percent of energy to come from renewables by 2015. If it does follow through with aggressive capacity enhancements, Pakistan could be an Asian leader in renewable energy given its strategic endowments.

Phd thesis on wind energy

phd thesis on wind energy


phd thesis on wind energyphd thesis on wind energyphd thesis on wind energyphd thesis on wind energy