Psu masters thesis submission

The program's flexible online coursework is delivered through the Canvas learning management system and the web-conferencing tool Blackboard Collaborate. Online master's in project management students participate in live lectures, work collaboratively on group projects, and contribute to discussion boards. No experience is necessary to apply, however, a familiarity with business is helpful. An undergraduate GPA of is also preferred. Students are encouraged to apply for financial aid at Stevens; about 90% of students receive some form of aid. Transfer credits earned at other colleges are accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Hi Annie – Penn State’s Dept of Geography has a long history as a leading GIS program, both the “traditional” program and the on-line program are generally thought of as flagships for the discipline. John’s Hopkins has a great “Regional Science” tradition but no geography department and, as far as I know, their GIS program is relatively new. Also, when I looked at faculty for JH they were almost entirely adjunct. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it adds to my perception of the GIS program at JH as something that’s been pulled together to take advantage of demand for degree programs in this area whereas Penn State has been in the business of GIS education for decades. JH may be the best offering for you but these are the reasons I ranked it lower. Hope that helps. Best wishes, Justin

Psu masters thesis submission

psu masters thesis submission


psu masters thesis submissionpsu masters thesis submissionpsu masters thesis submissionpsu masters thesis submission