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Overwhelming majorities of these teachers also agree with the assertions that “today’s digital technologies are creating an easily distracted generation with short attention spans” (87%) and “today’s students are too ‘plugged in’ and need more time away from their digital technologies” (86%).  Two-thirds (64%) agree with the notion that “today’s digital technologies do more to distract students than to help them academically.” In focus groups, some teachers commented on the connection they see between students’ “overexposure” to technology, and the resulting lack of focus and diminished ability to retain knowledge they see among some students. Time management is also becoming a serious issue among students, according to some teachers; in their experience, today’s digital technologies not only encourage students to assume all tasks can be finished quickly and at the last minute, but students also use various digital tools at their disposal to “waste time” and procrastinate.

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  • William : October 11, 2017

    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)-Is a developmental disorder and as the name suggests; it's characterized by a short attention span having difficulty to focus and to also have abnormally high level of activity. ADHD is relatively common, with estimates of between roughly 3 and 9% of the population having it globally. It is commonly diagnosed in children, although people of all ages can have CDC website provided their readers with a very clear understanding as well as detailed information about ADHD. ADHD has been defined and diagnosed through a checklist of learning disorder of having ADHD can affect all children in many different ways based on their age group and ethnicity ADHD may seem unreal to many but in reality it's real because so many people deal with this disease everyday of their life and they feel they are not normal because they have to rely on medication to function normally and to also be happy and enjoy people consider a child with ADHD to be very destructive, unruly at times and always getting into trouble to gain attention .I liked the way that the writer gave out information on the website where you can go and view all the different sources of information that's helpful to you or whom ever is reading about ADHD. I think the writer is very smart and intelligent because he provided some important information and great facts about ADHD and he got straight to the point with his article's logic they were very true facts. The writer provided some excellent information especially to the readers that has never heard about ADHD and I also feel that the writer got his point across to the world about information was presented very clearly and understanding it broke down the different groups such as the Signs and Symptoms of ADHD,three different types of ADHD, the causes of ADHD,Diagnosis,Treatments and the most important the Get Help Section. Most of all the writer had much confidence with the information that he provided to his writer tried to give the readers a better understanding of what ADHD does and how to manage it especially the kids that's dealing with ADHD. The writer organized the website to help everyone with the supporting information and to also provide this information to the people that's living with ADHD because there's always something new that comes about in regards of dealing with website can be very useful to the readers as well as the person that's suffering with really hope the CDC website continue to give support to the readers as well as families who have children dealing with ADHD. The CDC website was professional and well put together with accurate information for all readers because the information was organized where you could understand everything you read as well as locating contact information such as websites and the National Resources Call Center 1-800-233-4050 without any problems.

    Research paper attention getter examples

    research paper attention getter examples


    research paper attention getter examplesresearch paper attention getter examplesresearch paper attention getter examplesresearch paper attention getter examples