Ru486 essay

In 2007, MoveOn was criticized by 31 Republican senators and one independent senator for running a print ad in The New York Times that questioned the personal integrity of General David Petraeus , with headlines such as "General Petraeus or General Betray Us?" and "Cooking the Books for the White House". [40] On September 20, 2007, the Senate passed an amendment by Republican John Cornyn of Texas designed to "strongly condemn personal attacks on the honor and integrity of General Petraeus". All forty-nine Republican Senators, as well as twenty-two Democratic Senators, voted in support. [41] The House passed a similar resolution by a 341–79 vote on September 26, 2007. [42]

Even among experienced abortionists, enthusiasm has not been universal. Despite years of advocacy and a recent "massive educational program," only two-thirds of the National Abortion Federation's 360 "member facilities" were indicating to the Federation in September of 2000 that they would be offering the drug. (124) One year later, even after spending $2 million on a national ad campaign promoting the drug, the National Abortion Federation was reporting that only "about half" of its members - not the two-thirds originally projected, were offering it. (125) Even among those offering or planning to offer RU486, some still believe surgical abortions are better because they are quicker, less painful, and involve fewer office visits and are telling their patients so. (126)

*Chuckle* so, because I believe the baby deserves a chance, you call me anti-choice?
Whose choice are we really talking about here, and whose choices are truly being denied?
Gestational slavery?
Is a parent who raises a child a slave?
They are a parent.
And attempts to denigrate that fall flat. Even folks who consider themselves moderately pro-abortion choice think equating pregnancy with slavery is quite ridiculous.
Again, I’d gently suggest you consider who is truly enslaved; is it the girl who is carrying the child to term (hint: no), or the person so addicted to pleasure that they will equate children with evil and money with good?

Ru486 essay

ru486 essay


ru486 essayru486 essayru486 essay