Titling a college essay

During his career, Holmes works for the most powerful monarchs and governments of Europe (including his own), wealthy aristocrats and industrialists , and impoverished pawnbrokers and governesses . Although when the stories begin Holmes initially needed Watson to share the rent for their residence at 221B Baker Street, by the time of "The Final Problem", he says that his services to the government of France and the royal house of Scandinavia had left him with enough money to retire comfortably. The detective is known to charge clients for his expenses and claim any reward offered for a problem's solution; in " The Adventure of the Speckled Band " he says that Helen Stoner may pay any expenses he incurs and asks the bank in "The Red-Headed League" to reimburse him for money spent solving the case. Holmes has his wealthy banker client in " The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet " pay the costs of recovering the stolen gems, and claims the reward posted for their recovery. In " The Problem of Thor Bridge ", the detective says, "My professional charges are upon a fixed scale. I do not vary them, save when I remit [omit] them altogether". In this context, a client is offering to double his fee, and it is implied that wealthy clients habitually pay Holmes more than his standard fee.

Congratulations Neha,
I feel great after reading this honest interview and the one without any cynicism. it’s great to know someone with whom you attended the class cleared the exam with top rank. ( yes.. I attended same class as Neha for the prelims though did not clear mine :()
I remember you asking lots of questions to the faculties… I used to think this girl asks lots of question as if she is the only one who is writing IAS exam and doing show off etc..etc..
Maybe because I did not interact with you… But to be sincere I felt that Neha’s quality question used to be superior…
But I honestly feel after reading this interview and after watching your interview in YouTube is that you were not show off…And you had the thing in you and you really deserved it.. I hope it is just the first step of your success story..and it follows many more success story as a bureaucrat..
I hope you do well as bureaucrat and enable the dreams of the people of our nation with the same determination you fulfilled yours…
I wish you all the very best in your life…
Thank you

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Titling a college essay

titling a college essay


titling a college essaytitling a college essaytitling a college essaytitling a college essay