Ways of overcoming depression

I have been stayed locked up in my room all night and most of the day, because I am scared of a lot of things and I don’t know how to overcome these things and all of my fears, but reading this today, I think may have helped me take more control of what i’m affaid of. I have tried a few things such as listing to music and reorganizing things, but they didn’t help all that much, but I have been going for early morning runs and writing down my thoughts. Those are the things that have really helped. Thank you! You have truly been a great help.

Totally understand the glass of water and stating your intention. Did you ever read/see the works of Masaru Emoto? (The water crystals of Masaru Emoto) He takes samples of water from all over the world – he exposed water to different types of music then examined the water crystals – it’s amazing how the crystals changed – or polluted water vs spring water. I believe he even labeled the container the water was stored in with things like “love”; “passion”, “war”, “hate” then reviewed the crystals and showed how they reflected the word associated with it.

Ways of overcoming depression

ways of overcoming depression


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